Guess Which Reality TV Star REAL Name Is Shenellica Bettencourt?

Posted on Sep 3 2016 - 2:57pm by Ratchet Queens Staff

My real birth name is Shenellica Bettencourt, I’m a rapper and reality TV star! Can you guess who I am?

What is Love and Hip Hop Star Joseline Hernandez real name? Shenellica Bettencourt!

Most celebrities change their name after or even before they become stars, reality TV chicks are notorious for doing that. Why? Maybe it’s because they don’t like their original (birth) name, or it could simply be too hard to remember or pronounce. In the case of the Love and Hip Hop Atlanta star Joseline Hernandez, we will assume she thought Shenellica Bettencourt was way too hard to pronounce.

Yes ladies in gentment, Joseline Hernandez real name (birth) is Shenellica Bettencourt. The Puerto Rican Princess was born Shenellica Juneann Bettencourt in March 21, 1977 to parents originally from Puerto Rico in Miami Florida, where she was discovered as a rapper by music producer; now husband, Steven Aaron Jordan (better known as Stevie J.)

Joseline Hernandez Job Before Love and Hip Hop Atlanta

What was Joseline Hernandez Job Before Joining Love and Hip Hop Atlanta?

Before Joseline Hernandez (real name Shenellica Bettencourt) become a rapper and a household name for her ratchetness on LHHATL, she was a failed TV stripper who went by the stage name, Shenellica. She was paid $400 to appear on the show!

Shenellica Bettencourt aka Joseline Hernandez started stripping at the age of 16 years old after she moved back to the United States. She has 5 brothers and sisters. One of Joseline’s brothers has severe autism. She takes full care of him.

What was LHHATL star, Joseline Hernandez Stripper Name?

Joseline Hernandez is very popular on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta. She presents herself as a strong and dramatic character for the show. Her off-and-on and off again relationship with Stevie J and baby mama Mimi Faust is pretty much the caterpillar of the TV drama.

Joseline Hernandez and Stevie J Fake Marriage

Joseline Hernandez and Stevie J kissing during fake marriage!

She tops it off by claiming her and Stevie J is married, even going as far as sporting a big wedding ring. It was later revealed, by Stevie himself, that the who marriage was just for TV; that the couple never really tied the knot and said ‘I Do!’ Next time you see Joseline Hernandez in person, yell ‘Shenellica Bettencourt‘ and see what happens.