Katt Williams Fights / Sucker Punches Kid, But Got His Ass Whooped By Him [VIDEO]

Posted on Mar 23 2016 - 8:09pm by Ratchet Queens Staff

Video of Katt Williams Fights kid in the hood emerged…Kid whoops Katt Williams’s ass badly!

Katt Williams fights a kid on school playground in Atlanta video

Katt Williams fights and sucker punches a kid but got the worst of it at the end. The kid wrooped Katt Williams’ ass and the captured video of the fight is going viral all over social media. The Katt Williams and the boy fight happened at the kid’s school playground. Some are asking what was Katt Williams doing in a kid’s school playground…

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Katt Williams threw a punch at the kid that almost knocked him to the ground. The kid regains his balance, grabs Katt Williams, throws him to the ground and starts beating the shit out of him. Looking at Katt Williams fight video, the kid clearly put a whooping on the comedian.

People on social media are backing up the kid because Katt Williams threw the first punch. They also like the fact that the kid did not back down to the bully. He put Katt in a naked choke, threw him on the grass and went to work on Katt’s ass.

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The Katt Williams fight with the kid happened in the projects in Atlanta where he was handing out cash to poor kids. We are not clear what started Katt William fight with the 7th grader, but all we can say is…welcome back to the hood, Katt Williams.

The police is currently investigating why Katt Williams fighting the boy on his school playground and deciding if criminal charges should be brought against him or the kid. Katt Williams has been arrested at least 4 times over the last month for doing crazy shit like this.

Katt Williams fights and sucker punches a kid on school playground…do you think the boy is right for whooping his ass?