SHOTS FIRED: Katt Williams Disses Kevin Hart and Challenges Him To A $5M Comedy, Boxing or Basketball Match Match [VIDEOS]

Posted on Mar 2 2016 - 10:33am by Ratchet Queens Staff

Katt Williams disses Kevin Hart comedian vs comedy

Katt Williams disses Kevin Hart real bad in Atlanta a couple of days ago… then turn around and challenges him to ‘who’s a better comedian, ball player or boxer’ bout for $5 million winner takes all! You have to watch both videos because they are pretty funny. After Katt disses Kevin Hart, he took on Tyga for saying he was on drugs.

Katt Williams Dissing Kevin Hart Videos

“I have a show in your hometown, in Philly. Imma tape my special there. On that stage we can put whatever you want…a full court basketball court, a boxing ring, two microphones for a rap sipher, or you can get your a** dusted in comedy on that stage. But, it’s 1 million dollars up for each one. That’s 5 million dollars mister 28 millions in Forbes. I’ll be bringing mine in cash…mensch.”

Oh my gawd, it’s too much…you have to watch the videos. I’m dying laughing as I listen to Katt Williams talking trash.

The comedian doesn’t play around. The whole thing went down in Atlanta Georgia. Scroll down to watch both videos of Katt Williams dissing Kevin Hart and taking on Tyga for his “you’re on drug” claim. Pretty hilarious.

We’re waiting patiently for Kevin Hart’s response to Katt’s challenging him for a comedy bout.

Who do you think will win a Katt Williams vs Kevin Hart comedy, boxing or basketball match?

Video Credit: YouTube