IN CASE YOU MISSED ‘EM: Kanye West Begs Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook Owner) For $1 Billion!

Posted on Feb 16 2016 - 1:02am by Ratchet Queens Staff

Kanye West and Mark Zuckerberg (rapper / FB founder) are not friends – Yeezy begs Mark for money!

Kanye West and Mark Zuckerberg tweets

Kanye West and Mark Zuckerberg (rapper and Facebook owner/founder), are definitely in two different leagues. If Mark wakes up today with Kanye’s money, he will commit suicide! But, it looks like Kanye West doesn’t understand how wealthy and powerful the 31 year old billionaire is. According to tweet records, Kanye has been trying desperately to contact Mark, and the reason is interesting and embarrassing at the same time.

Giving the multiple attempts to contact him, we can safely say, Kanye West and Mark Zuckerberg are not friends. Kanye repeatedly asked Mark for $1 billion saying the social media guru will do help himself by helping him! Kanye West claims he’s $53 millions in debt and in need of a relief!

Kanye West’s tweet begging Mark Zuckerberg for money:

Kanye West tweet begging facebook owner Mark Zuckerberg for money

Kanye’s desperate attempt to contact Facebook owner/founder Mark Zuckerberg

Kanye West tried to contact Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg on twitter

Poor Kanye West and Mark Zuckerberg are not friends

Proof Kanye West and Mark Zuckerberg are not friends

Kanye West Mark Zuckerberg twitter rant

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