John Witherspoon Reveals How Much Money($) He Made On “Friday” You Will Be Shocked!

Posted on Nov 24 2015 - 7:09pm by Ratchet Queens Staff

Even after getting screwed, Pops continued to appear for his usual ‘silly grandpa’ roles on “Next Friday” and “Friday After Next”.  Finally, the people in charge decided they should pay the man for his talent. John Witherspoon (Pops) banked over $100,000 for each Friday movie that followed.  So you can say, at the end, his patience payed off. But, we also have to remember that, back then Pops was not such a well known actor as he is now. I think he was happy enough to make the $5,000 and put his name out there.

pops from friday

So kudos to Pops for sticking with it and staying in there and keeping his roles in the Friday movie series. So next time when you look back on Friday look at the original one.  To me it was the funniest out of all the Friday movies. Some of you may feel sorry for Pops getting only $5k, but I guarantee you he’s now laughing all the way to the bank.