Jhene Aiko CHEATED On Husband Dot da Genius With Boyfriend Big Sean? Singer Responds To Cheating Allegation!

Posted on Jan 27 2017 - 7:04am by Ratchet Queens Staff

Did R&B singer Jhene Aiko cheated on Husband Dot da Genius with new boyfriend Big Sean? She denied it, but do you believe the ‘Comfort Inn Ending‘ singer?

Jhene Aiko Cheated On Husband Dot da Genius With New Boyfriend Rapper Big Sean

Were Jhene Aiko’s hit songs ‘Beware‘ and ‘The Worst‘ warnings that the R&B singer might be a low-down cheating dog with cravings for sex with different men? The songs lyrics feature Big Sean and Lil Wayne coming back to hunt her? The rumor mills went on overload with allegations that Jhene Aiko CHEATED on husband Dot da Genius with boyfriend Big Sean.

Jhene Aiko and Big Sean Dating

Even though Jhene denied the allegations, social media and gossip blogs have not let up! Jhene Aiko sat down with The Breakfast Club for an interview and discuss the cheating rumors, her music and relationship Big Sean. Jhene Aiko and Dot da Genius got married in 2015 and filed for divorce 11 months later.

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On the type of manic Jhene is:

“I am a nymphomaniac, a jump on the dick manic kind of manic.”

Why she wrote her new song  “Manic” lyrics:

“That is just a part of me a part of who I am; I can be pretty vulgar in my everyday life. I think that all my friends and everyone that knows me knows that I am inappropriate a lot of the times and I like to say stuff that people are like, ‘huh?’ Since I was a little girl, I have been getting in trouble for having a dirty mouth, I used to like recite Lil Kim Hardcore lyrics in elementary school.”

On whether boyfriend Big Sean inspired “Manic” song lyrics:

“Yeah the ruler part. The song was actually inspired by the beat when I heard the beat I just kept saying ‘hop on that dick like a maniac.”

On whether there will be more Twenty 88 (Big Sean & Jhene duos):

“There is going to me more Twenty 88, it is some of my favorite music I ever made. There is going to be more though for sure.”

On a Big Sean vs Jhene freestyle battle:

“Sean is way too good free style rapper, he is the best rapper that I ever herd personally. I would not battle him. I have to practice a little bit more.”

On the allegations she cheated on her husband with Big Sean:

“No I was not [cheating]. I was married for two years. Do not believe what you hear.”

On her newly released album:

“So basically I am just really into expressing myself, and this year I want to show every side of me really, dive into who I am, which I feel like I have been doing since I first started but obviously I am getting older and I feel like I am more in tuned to who I am and less afraid to express every side of myself.”

Do you believe Jhene Aiko that she didn’t cheat on husband Dot da Genius with new boyfriend Big Sean?