Jamie Foxx’s HOT 21yr Old DAUGHTER, Corinne And Drizzy Drake Are SCREWING! Here’s 7 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Her!

Posted on May 22 2016 - 5:06am by Ratchet Queens Staff

Who Is Corinne Foxx? Jamie Foxx's Daughter, Father and Mother

If you ever heard of Corinne, Jamie Foxx oldest daughter, brace yourself; that chick is about to take the world by storm. On Tuesday she won the Miss Golden Globe 2016. That award is solely reserved for dangerously hot girls and boys with rich celebrity parents. Corinne and Drizzy Drake are reportedly SCREWING each other. Take that Jamie Foxx! What goes around comes right back around.

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Corinne, Jamie Foxx Oldest Daughter, On Winning Miss Golden Globe 2016

Corinne Foxx won Miss Golden Globes 2016 Award

“Throughout the years, I’ve grown up watching my dad establish himself as a well-respected actor,” A tearful Corinne said after the announcement that she was the winner. “I’m honored that the HFPA has given me the opportunity to now share the same stage where he’s been recognized for some of his greatest accomplishments,” she continue with tears gushing from her eyes. What about Corinne and Drizzy Drake dating? We’re still waiting on a statement from you Corinne, and your father! LOL.

Corinne and Drizzy Drake Dating

Jamie Foxx older daughter Corinne and Drizzy Drake are dating

The report that Jamie Foxx 21 year old daughter, Corinne and Drizzy Drake are doing the nasty surfaced after she gush about how much she loves and admire the rapper. Later, Corinne posted a pic of her Drake getting very cozy in what appears to be a night-club, bar or hotel room.

Who Is Corinne Foxx?

Apart from daddy’s little girl, Corinne and Drizzy Drake SCREWING each other, below are 7 things you probably didn’t know about her. If you don’t know anything at all, well, get to know Corinne, Jamie Foxx’s daughter, because you’re going to get a healthy dose of Corinne Foxx’s news, pictures, social media reports or even movies soon.

1. Corinne Foxx is a model

The modeling company L.A. Models hired Corinne last year. Her first gig with them was modeling their Icing accessories.