Jackie Christie Daughter Takari Lee Claims Her Mother HATES Her Cause of Her Dark-Skin Color!

Posted on Nov 21 2016 - 2:01pm by Ratchet Queens Staff

Jackie Christie daughter, Takari Lee tells story of her mother’s hatred toward her and sister Chantel because their skin color is darker than her other children

Jackie Christie and Daughter Takari Lee Fights

If Jackie Christie daughter Takari Lee is telling the truth, it’s another classic story of black-on-black hate with a twist. We often hear stories of light-skinned black women hatin’ on dark-skinned black girls, but it’s heart-breaking when you hear it from a daughter claiming her own mother hates her because she’s too dark!

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That is exactly what Jackie Christie daughter has claimed. The revelation comes forth after the Basketball Wives LA star refused to pay her daughter’s medical bills after she was burnt in a tragic accident. Takari told Ratchet Queens that her mother treated her differently growing up and often made reference to her dark skin color as the primary reason.

Takari is not the only Jackie Christie daughter to accuse her for wrongdoing. During last season of Basketball Wives LA, her other daughter, Chantel Christie called out Jackie while the two were having a heated argument about family values her ill treatments and negative attitude toward them.

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Takari again reaffirmed her claim after she opened her Instagram account for a ‘Talk with Takari’ session to answer questions from her fans.

Jackie Christie Daughter Takari Lee Instagram Talk With Takari Session

Takari later backed up her sister Chantel

Jackie Christie Daughters Claim Mother Do Not Like Them Cause Of Darker Skin Color

Takari Lee and Chantel Christie are half-sisters. Chantel was fathered by former NBA star, Doug Christie who is the product of a white mother and black father. Takari’s father unknown. She was raised by her grand-mother while her mother carry out a lavish life with husband and step-father, Doug Christie.

Jackie Christie Daughters Takari Lee and Chantel

“Doug has always been a father figure for me, he took me on as his daughter and it was hard work. Since my mother and I have not got along Doug has pulled away.Now we don’t have a relationship at all.” Takari said.

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