Is Young Thug Gay? Rapper OFFICIALLY Comes OUT As Transgender [THIRD Gender]! See His CONFESSION Video!

Posted on Jul 8 2016 - 4:22am by Ratchet Queens Staff

Young Thug gay rumors no longer just rumors…it’s confirmed “I’m THIRD gender,” the rapper confessed!!!

Young Thug gay exposed pictures

It’s no longer a rumor, and you don’t have to ask ‘is Young Thug gay‘ anymore. The rapper recently come OUT the closet and confessed! However, Young Thug said he’s neither a male or a female! We assume he’s not gay, but a transgender. That’s the popular name used now for people who are confused about their sexuality or sexual orientation.

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Young Thug gay rumors have been flying all over the social sphere over the last few months. Instead of addressing the rumors directly, he decided to release a song entitled ‘Serious,’ to address his fans and haters who kept pushing the Young Thug gay rumors.

Young Thug had to come out of the closet somehow. We have to give him credit though for doing it on his own terms. Is Young Thug gay really? YES, Young Thug is gay. He released a video, in which, he labeled himself a ‘gangster in a dress!’ In the newly released video, Young Thug says he’s neither a male or female; that he’s a THIRD gender, the rapper professed. Young Thug is not only gay, but confused as well.

Young Thug Calvin Klein dress clothes

Young Thug has a Calvin Klein campaign coming up where he’s wearing a long black dress. The campaign also features R&B singer, Frank Ocean. He officially come out of the closet last year after rumors were circulating that he was gay.

What do you think? Will Young Thug gay rumors keep you from listening to him or buying his products? Do you think Young Thug and Frank Ocean will be dating?

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