Is Wale Gay? Rapper’s Photo LEAKED In Bed With Another Man [PICS]

Posted on Feb 8 2017 - 11:44pm by Ratchet Queens Staff

Is Wale gay? Dude claims his male cousin is been in a relationship with the ‘That Way’ rapper off-and-on for about three years! Do you believe his telling the truth?

Is Wale Gay? Dude Claims His Cousin Is In Relationship With The Rapper! Pictures Of Boyfriend

Is Wale gay? Have you seen the picture of the rapper circulating over social man? The photo allegedly show Wale in bed with another man the leaker claims to be Wale’s boyfriend. The tipper says his cousin has been in an on-and-off relationship with Wale for three years! [via The Industry On Blast].

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The Industry On Blast is well known for putting low-down, dirty, gay rappers and industry dudes on blast. After the photo was LEAKED on Twitter, it gone viral and spread on social media like wild fire.

Rapper Wale and Gay Boyfriend Pictures

Is Wale gay? The rapper didn’t waste no time addressing the rumors. “Kill.. y’all wild af and believe anything . Some of y’all want some drama so bad you’ll settle for a fake one if it’ll create convo,” he Twitter in response to the gay news leak.

Rapper Wale Responds To Leaked Gay Photo Rumors

Do you believe rapper Wale is REALLY gay?