Is Stevie J Gay? Ex-Wife And Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta Star, Joseline Hernandez EXPOSED Deep Secrets After MESSY Breakup! (SEE PROOF)

Posted on Jun 17 2016 - 7:47pm by Ratchet Queens Staff

Is Stevie J gay? Ex-wife and Love & Hip Hop Atlanta co-star “CAUGHT him watching gay adult videos,” takes LIE DETECTOR test!

Is Stevie J gay ex wife Joseline Hernandez exposed him

No more asking… is Stevie J gay?. It turns out he is gay after all! Joseline Hernandez and Stevie J are not in good terms right now, so she decided to air out his dirty laundry…and we mean, it’s very dirty. Two weeks ago (June 1),  Joseline threaten to expose Stevie and reveal something shocking about him. She even offered to take a lie detector test as proof she’s not lying. Well, the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star and Puerto Rican princess kept her word.

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Joseline Hernandez is in full revenge mode after a messy breakup with Stevie. She twitted during the taping of LHHATL that “When you go to the extreme to show that n***a you got him by the balls. Reunion anyone? Or should I drop it sooner?” Well, turned out she didn’t wait. Joseline dropped the bomb and exposed Stevie. So is Stevie J gay? Where’s the evidence of that? Joseline claims she caught Stevie J watching gay adult videos.

To support her claim, Joseline did take a lie detector test live on TV and passed with flying colors. Now, the ball is on Stevie J’s court to refute Joseline gay claim and take his own lie detector test. Joseline stated that she asked Stevie to take the test and he refused.

Joseline Hernandez lie detector test results proving Stevie J is gay

Joseline accusations of Stevie J gay lifestyle started in May when she took to Twitter and twitted that Stevie was deeply involved in “gay lifestyle.” Joseline has been pushing her claim ever since and doesn’t intend to back down until he takes the LIE DETECTOR test.

Do you think Joseline Hernandez is bitter or her claim that Stevie J gay is really true?