Is Steve Harvey Racist? Comedian Under Fire For Asian Jokes! [VIDEO]

Posted on Jan 14 2017 - 1:40am by Ratchet Queens Staff

Some people are blasting Steve Harvey’s Asian comments; calling him racist, asking for his head! Is Steve Harvey racist for making Asian men jokes?

Is Steve Harvey Racist For Making Jokes About Asian Men?

Asian men and women are asking themselves; is Steve Harvey racist? While white people are straight out calling for his head; demanding TV networks remove him from television and sponsors to stop funding him. The calls come after Steve made a few comments about Asian men some considered derogatory.

Steve Harvey made the jokes while reading out loud the title of the dating book “How to Date a White Woman: A Practical Guide for Asian Men” written by a guess who appeared on the talk show. Is Steve Harvey racist? Steve pretended to be on the phone with a black woman; asking her:

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“You like Asian men? I don’t even like Chinese food, boy. It don’t stay with you no time. I don’t eat what I can’t pronounce.’”

Steve’s comments have apparent pissed off a lot of people; particularly white and Asian folks. An angry Asian guy share his thought on what he thought were racist jokes by Steve Harvey.


Here’s how to blatantly shit on Asian men on nationally syndicated television.
Thank you, Steve Harvey.

The tiresome comedian/host kicked off Friday’s edition of the Steve Harvey Show with a segment highlighting and mocking a bunch of goofy, useless self-help books. Weird titles like Knitting With Dog Hair, How to Have Sex in the Woods… and, ahem, How to Date a White Woman: A Practical Guide for Asian Men.

Yes, this is an actual book, written by somebody named Adam Quan and available on Amazon. Longtime readers will remember that we all laughed at it and rolled our eyes way back in 2004.

The book is moronic, and deserving of all the ridicule it has received over the years. But Harvey doesn’t devote too much time making fun of the book. Instead, he sets his sights broadly on Asian men and gleefully mocks the seemingly outrageous notion that anyone, white or otherwise, would want to go out with an Asian men.

Is Steve Harvey racist for joking about Asian men?