Is P. Diddy Oldest Son, Justin Dior Combs Gay? These Pictures Will Shock You!

Posted on Dec 17 2016 - 3:04pm by Ratchet Queens Staff

Is Justin Dior Combs gay? He has not come out yet, but his recent behavior and these pictures suggest that he might be! You be the judge!

Is P. Diddy Oldest Son Justin Dior Combs Gay? Evidence Strongly Suggests He Is.

Is Justin Dior Combs gay? Many of the P. Diddy’s fans are wondering after his oldest son favorite, liked and shared suggestive and questionable pictures gay blogger Stahr Milan posted of himself wearing nothing but underwear on social media a few days ago.

I’m a black female with many gay male friends in Atlanta, Geogia…however, I don’t know any of my straight male friends who will like, share and favorite near naked pictures of my gay friends if they were to post them on social media. That prompts us to ask… is Justin Dior Combs gay?

P. Diddy's Football Player Son Justin Dior Combs Gay Pictures

A increasing number of black celebrities are doing famine and ‘gay-like’ things but claiming they are simply supporting their fellow gay entertainers. Jaden Smith and Young Thug, for instance, are often photographed wearing women clothes. Both claims they are NOT gay, but a member of the ‘third’ sex. No one knows what that really means.

Is P. Diddy oldest son, Justin Dior Combs Gay? Well, be may not be, but buy liking, sharing, and favorite pictures of a well-known gay male; he’s proven to have gay-tendencies.

The pictures have people wondering if P. Diddy oldest son, Justin Dior Combs gay!

Is Justin Dior Combs gay for sharing, linking and favorite picture of a gay male?


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