Is Jaden Smith Dead… Did The Movie Star & Rapper Say GOODBYE On Twitter Before Committing Suicide?

Posted on Sep 20 2016 - 8:41pm by Ratchet Queens Staff

Is Jaden Smith dead news from suicide real? Actor tweeted GOODBYE to fans, then disappeared!

Is Jaden Smith Dead by committing suicide?

Is Jaden Smith dead? The public has been restless and ecstatic in the last three weeks over news circulating on social media about Jaden Smith’s death. How did Jaden Smith died? Well, the actor and rapper was killed by a hoax created by online trolls trying to redirect people to a website in order to get clicks; one of the many bait tactics spammers often used to lure individuals to their sites.

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There are even rumors that the young son of famed actor/actress, Will and Jada Pinkett Smith planned the stunt himself for publicity. Is Jaden Smith dead news really a public stunt orchestrated by the actor and rapper himself? It’s hard to say, especially after he a firestorm on social media by claiming the government is after him; that he is an enemy of the states.

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The claim comes after he voice his support for and praised Edward Snowden, the ex-CIA information technology contractor who leaked out illegal global surveillance programs run by NSA targeting U.S. citizens and allies. Snowden is also a target of the United States’ government and is in exile in Russia under president Vladimir Putin’s feared KGB organization. The U.S. government wants Snowden extradited back to the country to face treason and espionage charges while the rest of the world considers him a whistleblower and hero.

The question ‘is Jaden Smith dead?‘ really started to pick up stream after he wrote on twitter that Edward Snowden was his hero; and that the United States government is on the lookout for sympathizers like himself who are fans of people they enemies of the state. Jaden went MIA (missing in action) after his tweets, fueling speculations that Jaden Smith was targeted and killed by either the CIA or those very angry at Snowden for his actions.

The ‘Jaden Smith dead’ news turned out to be a hoax. Jaden and his younger sister, Willow Smith emerged a few days later urging young activist around the world to join them in charging the world.

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