BREAKING NEWS: Faith Evans Pregnant With LHHATL Stevie J’s Baby!

Posted on Dec 17 2016 - 3:02pm by Ratchet Queens Staff

BREAKING NEWS: Faith Evans pregnant and expecting a baby with new boyfriend and LHHATL’s star, Stevie J! Soon-to-be baby mama, Joseline Hernandez is days away from giving birth to her first child with the ‘hitman’!

Is Faith Evans Pregnant With LHHATL Star Stevie J Baby?

Is Faith Evans pregnant and expecting g a baby with LHHATL’s stat, Stevie J? With all the baby mama drama, the child supports, the flights, reality tv shows, the women chasing him and 10 other sh*t not relating music going on in Stevie j’s life where does he find the time to produce music? No wonder the dude cannot make his child support payments!

The Love and Hip Hop Atlanta reality star greatest gift might be killing two birds with one stone. He’s done it already with co-star and soon to be baby mama Joseline Hernandez, and now rumors are is about to do it again…but this time with a washed up R&B legend. It’s all over the news that Stevie J and faith Evans have official come out as a couple after weeks of rumors they were dating.

Faith Evans Is Pregnant For Stevie J! See The Baby Bump Belly Pictures.

What no one is NOT talking about, however, is the fact that something is cooking in Faith Evans’ belly and it’s not a tumor (well, it is but not the deadly kind). Is Faith Evans pregnant and expecting Stevie J’s baby? A source close to Stevie J told Ratchet Queens the singer is been covering up, vomiting and acting strange lately and that she’s 100% sure Stevie got Faith Evans pregnant just a few days after hooking up!

If it’s true that Faith Evans is really pregnant for Stevie J, she will be the second woman he got pregnant this year. Fake wife Joseline Hernandez is days away from giving birth with her first baby and also by the man known by the nickname ‘hitman.’ The nick suits him well because he keeps knocking off black reality tv women and they keep coming back for more! Joseline accused Stevie J of cheating with Faith Evans during an episode of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta early this year!

Is Love and Hip Hop Atlanta Stevie J and Faith Evans Really Dating?

How many kids does Stevie J have? Faith Evans and Joseline Hernandez babies will be Stevie’s 6th and 7th child with different baby mamas. Stevie J’s kids are (in order): Eva Giselle Jordan, Savannah Jordan, Dorian Jordan, Sade Jordan and Steven Jordan Jr. 

What do you make of the news that Faith Evans pregnant for Stevie J? Thought? 


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