Is Drake and Serena Williams Dating? She Left Thirsty Comments On Drake’s Shirtless Instagram Pictures

Posted on Dec 10 2015 - 8:03pm by Ratchet Queens Staff

drake and serena williams dating

Is Drake and Serena Williams Dating? Serena Williams is one of the fittest and tightest looking female athletes. Most black guys I know are attracted to her and would love to take her home even just for one night. Unfortunately for them, Serena and Drake are dating and soon could be using the hastag #SerenaWilliamsDrake on everything they post on social media.

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Is Drake and Serena Williams Dating?

We knew Drakes as a thin, frail looking light-skinned boy that doesn’t really look like he hits the gym much. But, oh, did he shocked us all when he posted a picture on twitter of his new and improved buff body and biceps. Drake had all the ladies panties in a bunch, especially yours truly Miss Serena Williams.

serena williams message to drake

Drake got Serena Williams speaking in tongues and claiming him real quick, letting all the other thirsty celebrity chicks know they can get to stepping. We all know what Serena wants, Serena Williams gets. It wouldn’t be a surprise if Drake isn’t the next man on Serena Williams’ roster! So is Drake and Serena Williams dating?

We will did out the dirt on Drake and Serena Williams dating status and report to you soon.

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