BEYLICIOUS: Is Beyonce A High Paid Stripper? Thoughts?

Posted on Feb 8 2016 - 11:32pm by Ratchet Queens Staff

Question: Is Beyonce a HIGH Paid Stripper?

Beyonce sexist pics ever

Let’s face it black folks, we are quick to call a stripper —someone shacking her a** on stage for a few dollars— a prostitute and an hoe. We will for even further by calling a call girl or a person making a living in the corner in the hood a prostitute. However, when it comes to Beyonce, can no one says anything bad about her!

She drives the most expensive cars, has some of the most expensive houses around the world. Damn, she even bought her little daughter, Blue Ivy, who’s not even old enough to dive, a luxurious mini-car worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.

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So, my question to you…Is Beyonce a high paid stripper? By definition, she is! She shakes her a** with almost nothing on for money just like a night club stripper. The only differences are; she has millions of fans watching her doing it and make millions, if not billions, doing it.

Is Beyonce a high paid stripper

I’m a black girl, and a writer for Ratchet Queens and other black celebrity gossip sites. By society’s definition, I’m a very pretty girl with a ‘bangin’ body. Some people automatically think I’m a stripper or sugar baby when they see me. But, what they don’t know is…I have a master’s degree in English and Journalist from a highly respected HBCU!.

I know I’m going to get a lot of backlash for writing this piece. But, this is something that’s been bugging me forever and always wanted to ask that question. After watching the Super Bowl last night, I was almost proud of Beyonce’s black power fist. But, it would be more meaningful if she had clothes on! Is Beyonce a high paid stripper?

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What do you think? Is Beyonce a high paid stripper?

Pic Credit: instagram