How Did Prince Died? Opioid OVERDOSE Did It! Celebrity Deaths From Prescription DRUGS Pilling Up!

Posted on Jun 3 2016 - 6:25am by Ratchet Queens Staff

How did Prince died? From a self-administered lethal dose Of the drug, Opioid, Fentanyl and morphine; According to the examiner’s office toxicology results.

How did Prince died? Ffrom the drup opioid Fentanyl and morphine overdose without a will or trust

No more asking “how did Prince died” folks. We know know the 57 year old musical icon died from Opioid overdose. The powerful painkiller is often used to treat severe and chronic pain. However, a number of celebrities and ordinary people abuse the drug. Prince was found dead in his Paisley Park Minnesota’s mansion by the brother of the owner of drug addiction treatment center who Prince requested him from the night before. Also at the scene was a doctor who attempted to deliver to Prince a health test performed two days earlier.

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For weeks now people have been inquiring about Prince’s death.  “How did Prince died” is often the question asked. What did Prince in was a fatal dose of Fentanyl and morphine he took himself. Fentanyl is the new heroine, but much stronger. It’s often giving to cancer patients with extreme pain. However, the drug is wrecking hovac in the U.S because people are taking it for regular pain, which in turn shot up the overdose rate.

The Medical Examiner’s Office in Minnesota performed an autopsy the next day after Prince was found dead. But, the results were not released until this morning (June 2, 2016). Prince died on April 21, 2016. Prince overdose adds to a long list of celebrity deaths from prescription drugs.

Prince (real name: Prince Rogers Nelson) was born on June 7, 1958. Prince mother and father, Mattie Della Shaw and John Lewis Nelson both deceased. The day before Prince’s death, he performed in the Fox Theater In Atlanta, Georgia. He had an emergency landing and was rushed to the nearby hospital. He checked himself out of the hospital because they didn’t have a private room for him.

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Prince died without a will or trust, leaving his sister, Tyka Nelson, a former crack addict as the default executor of his estate. How did Prince died without a will is another question many of his close associates and fans are asking…. How did Prince died headlines were replaced with “how did Prince died without a living will or trust.”

Prince Memorial Pictures

Many were shocked that he died without one. Prince’s greedy sister, Tyka Nelson, revealed in court documents that Prince died without a will and appointed herself the executor of his estate. A probate court judge later confirmed Prince died without living behind a will.

Those who knew Prince the best stated that the Rock & Roll icon didn’t give a flying f*ck about what happens to his assets and richness after he passes on. Prince died living behind no known children, even though a couple have claimed he fathered them. As of today, two paternity test from Prince’s claimed children are pending.

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Prince admitted doing cocaine and other illegal drugs often taken by popular celebrities, but has been drug and alcohol free for over 20 years. Giving how hard Prince goes on stage, it makes perfect since why he would be taking painkillers. He was reported to have severe hips and legs pain due to over four decades of jumping up and down concert stages all over the world. How did Prince died without a will or trust will hunt his fans forever….but, the legend will never died.

Long live Prince…Gone Too Soon!