FAMILY FEUD: Laura Govan ACCUSES Sister, Gloria Govan Of CHEATING With EX-Husband, Gilbert Arenas!

Posted on Jun 19 2016 - 8:42pm by Ratchet Queens Staff

Full blown family FEUD over cheating/money: Laura vs sister Gloria Govan vs Gilbert Arenas vs Matt Barnes

Laura Govan and Gilbert Arenas pics

Laura Govan is hot and bothered right now. The former Basketball Wives reality star is throwing shades at everyone who ‘used’ to matter to her right now. She’s going hard at her older sister, Gloria Govan; accusing her of sleeping with her ex-husband and former Washington Wizards NBA star, Gilbert Arenas. She compares her sister vs sister war to O.J. Simpson vs Nicole Simpson situation (wow, that’s a stretch).

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The FAMILY FEUD between the two sisters is really a three-way out out, full blown war: Laura Govan vs Gloria Govan vs Gilbert Arenas. In addition to the “my sister slept with my ex-husband” drama, it has also been announced that Gilbert Arenas was awarded $3m in a deformation lawsuit he filed against his ex-wife, Laura Govan. It has been indeed, a bad bad week for Laura.

Gloria Govan responds to her sister Laura accusations she slept with her ex husband Gilbert Arenas

Ratchet baby mamas are falling hard this week. First, Laura’s sister Gloria Govan f*ckin’ her ex-husband and have to pay $3 millions to Gilbert Arenas (to add assault to injury), Ciara lost a custody battle to his ex-fiance, Future;  Chris Brown’s baby momma, Nia Guzman was sent packing a few weeks ago after a judge awarded him full custody of their daughter, Royalty Brown! Wow, you see where I’m going with this?

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No one has it as hard as Laura right now. The ex-NBA star even suggested that she will be applying for a job at hoochie burger soon. “#InRealLife my ex will have to work at #hoochieBurgers everyday for 100 years, at 12 bucks a hour with a 10hr shift to pay that judgement off hahahahaha.” So what was Gilbert Arenas’ lawsuit about? Well, Laura ‘falsely’ accused him of giving her an STD. It turned out she was only doing that to publicly embarrass him. He was ordered to be tested by a judge and found no STD! Now she’s accusing her sister, Gloria Govan of creeping with him behind her back.

Gloria Govan, Laura, Gilbert Arenas and Matt Barnes hanging out

Laura took to Hollywood Unlocked online radio station this week to clear up some stuff. She took some shots at Gilbert Arenas, but she went hard at her sister; Gloria Govan. Laura said Gloria was so riding her husband that she had to quickly hook her up with Matt Barnes to keep her off his d*ck. Watch the video and hear it for yourself.

Laura Govan has to be careful. She could have two more deformation lawsuits coming. One from her ex-husband who already won one, and another from her own sister, Gloria Govan. Although, I don’t think a younger sister would publicly shames her younger sister like that if she didn’t have some hard evidence to back it up. Either way, it’s cold to be going after your own blood like that; and doing it publicly.