GONE VIRAL: White Girl Exposes Racist Letter Dad Wrote Disowning Her For Having Black Boyfriend!

Posted on Feb 21 2016 - 2:22am by Ratchet Queens Staff

White father disowns daughter in viral disturbing & racist letter for having a black boyfriend named Nike!

White father wrote racist letter to daughter went viral on twitter

This story is not uncommon, but we feel compelled to tell it anyway. A Texas white girl recent tweet went viral after she posted a racist letter her father wrote with some disturbing words for his daughter. The girl, Stephanie, was shocked to have received the racist letter from her dad for having a relationship with a local black boy named Nike (yep, that’s his real name).

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white girl racist letter from dad

Stephanie tweeted the racist letter in its entirety for the world to read. The letter discusses Stephanie’s disloyalty, or lack of, to the family for dating outside of her race. Well, there are other more racist words used we don’t want to put on here, but you will see when you read the racist letter. We have no idea why she blocked out that particular section of the racist letter, but we can imagine what’s hidden under there.

Racist dad letter to daughter for dating black man

The racist bastard actually packed his daughter suitcase and gave her the choice of leaving his house or her black boyfriend. Stephanie’s twitter account is temporarily closed due to the overwhelved number of racist messages she’s getting from white people who support her dad’s racist letter. Stephanie’s boyfriend Nike posted this update on this twitter account.

I know some of you are going to say you can’t believe racism still exist in 2016. If you’re one of those people who think that way, get out of under that rock you live in… racism is stronger than ever before…White people feel like they can say anything they want now cause we have a black president and their kids are listening to hip-hop and rap.

What do you think of this… should Stephanie shove that racist letter up her father’s a** and moved out or do what her dad says and dump her black boyfriend?