FREAKS: Kevin Gates and Dreka (Wife) SPEAKS About Having Sex With OTHER Women!

Posted on Feb 3 2016 - 3:17am by Ratchet Queens Staff

Kevin Gates and Dreka (wife) talks open marriage and why they have sex with other women, open marriage!

Kevin Gates and Dreka open marriage

Kevin Gates and Dreka! Wow, just when you think we might be able to save humanity a little…this happens. Kevin Gates and wife Dreka sat down with Angela Yee and the queen of Lip Service radio show and discuss their freaky sex life.

Kevin Gates and Dreka are no strangers to controversies and are not the only married celebrities with open relationships or allowing their husbands to sleep with other women. Monique recently broke the internet when she revealed that she let husband Sidney Hicks sleeps with other women.

Dreka and Kevin Gates wedding pictures

During the interview, Kevin Gates says “I know she tastes good because when other women are sucking my D they tell me it tastes good.” WOW, I wouldn’t call Kevin Gates and Dreka group parties with other women ‘open relationship‘ because both are involved in the activities of one another.

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Do you think Kevin Gates and Dreka TOGETHER slumber parties should be labeled ‘open marriage’ or something else? AND do you think black women are pressure to have open marriages by black men?

Kevin Gates and Wife Dreka Wedding Pictures – ‘NEXT’

Kevin Gates and Dreka wedding photos

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