8 Famous Celebrities With Sex Tapes Leaked You May Not Know About! #7 Is SHOCKING!

Posted on Nov 14 2016 - 10:43am by Ratchet Queens Staff

In today’s social media world, you’re nothing without a leaked sextape…so we want to show you a list of celebrities with sex tapes you may not know about

Famous Celebrities With Sex Tapes Leaked

So it’s not even a huge shock anymore when it comes to celebrity sex tapes being leaked. It’s a thing now to at least have one sex tape floating around out there if want to be a social media or reality TV success and staying relevant? It’s part of been a celebrity in 2016 and will continue to be so as long there is an appetite for media ho* looking for attention.

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Listed below is a juicy lineup of some of the famous celebrities with sex tapes at the height of their careers. Some of them have tried to keep those sex tapes from leaking, but they were unsuccessful in their attempts to keep them from driving down the lanes of the Internet super highway.

Joe Jonas Leaked Sex Tape

Joe Jonas Leaked Sex Tape

Joe’s ex-girlfriend has reportedly told media that the two of them have a sex tape floating around. She’s been threatening to sell the video for the right price. But Jonas PR team was one step ahead of her, and somehow managed to do some serious damage control. So any talk of the tape has disappeared.

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