FAIL MOM: Kylie Jenner’s Girlfriend Heather Sanders (Model) Blasted For Taking Her 3-Month Old Baby To The Club (VIDEO)

Posted on Mar 2 2016 - 9:44am by Ratchet Queens Staff

Heather Sanders went clubing with her 3 month old baby video

Twitter is reacting to Kyle Jenner’s girlfriend Heather Sanders for taking her 3-month old son to the club with her (see video below), and they’re don’t have anything nice to say about it…so do I. I would have more sympathy for a stripper taking her baby to work with her than I do have with Sanders taking her 3-month old baby to the club.

Heather Sanders took her baby to the club

Heather Sanders and her son

Sanders is getting child support for her son from her baby daddy King Tyrell, and she’s making money modeling…soooo, there is no excuse for her to take that little boy to a night club with loud music, junk people and a place where gunshots can ring any moment. But who cares right? If something bad happens to the baby, she’ll get a check by suing the club owner(s)… and it seems she wouldn’t care less if she’s labeled a ‘bad mother.’

Heather Sanders and Her 3-Month Old Baby At The Club Video

We’ve witness celebrities; black and white done some ratchet things to and with their kids, but this is the first time in my lifetime witnessed a celebrity so carelessly put her child in danger like that. Heather should be ashamed of herself. The baby father should immediately file for custody of his son (that’s if he cares). On top of that, she should be charged with child endangerment. The sad part is…a lot of people are defending her.

Heather Sanders and ex boyfriend fiance King Trell

Heather Sanders and ex-fiance King Trell

Heather used to be friends with Blac Chyna until Chyna’s fallout with the Kardashians. She’s now Kyle Jenner’s best friend. Heather Sanders’ ex-boyfriend/fiance is Tyga’s best friend…which is also Kyle Jenner’s current boyfriend and Blac Chya’s ex-boyfriend. It’s a whole mess…I even got loss writing this!

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