EXCLUSIVE NEWS: Rapper Ludacris Allegedly RAPED Woman In Atlanta, But PAID Her Big Money To Keep Quiet! [WE HAVE PROOF]

Posted on Jan 15 2017 - 10:37pm by Ratchet Queens Staff

BREAKING NEWS: Rapper Ludacris ALLEGEDLY raped woman from Atlanta – read the tales of sex, rape, cover up and money

EXCLUSIVE: Rapper Ludacris Allegedly Raped Woman In Atlanta

We all heard stories of the rich & famous behaving badly and not be held responsible for their actions. A selected few paid ended up paying the price, but not with serving time. In this case, it’s a famous rapper out of Atlanta. This is a tale of rapper Ludacris allegedly raping a woman in a private house party in Atlanta and paid big money to keep her from going public. Ludacris allegedly raped a woman and got away with it? Is the story true?

NOTE: This Ludacris alleged raped story is NOT fake news or gossip; we got the story from the raped victim’s female friend who was at the party. She was also INVOLVED in the negotiations between accuser the accused lawyers. She asked RQ not to post the text messages because they can be linked directly to her and she fears for her life when the Ludacris and his band of ‘thugs’ finds out the story is out!

Ludacris Rape Story Evidence

Ludacris allegedly raped the woman a few years ago. RatchetQueens.com got the story from the girl’s friend who was present at the time of the rape. We’ve been sitting on the story for two years, contemplating if we should release it. Finally, we decided to drop he bomb because we believe it’s our obligations to do so.

According to the friend (will not reveal real name to protect her from Luda’s band of thugs), the event happened at a private house party in which the rapper hosted. The source (let’s call her Shanda), revealed that Ludacris raped the woman in the bathroom at the party filled with groupies. The raped victim was intoxicated when she walked to the bathroom to handle some personals. Ludacris, according to the source, followed her.

Shanda got worried after her friend (the alleged rape victim) was gone for over 30 minutes. As a concerned friend, she went to the bathroom to check on her. It was then she saw Ludacris standing on on top of her intoxicated friend, with his ‘d*ck’ in her mouth!

“I was shocked when I walked in there, he had her by the hair on the floor, standing over her and shoving his d*ck in her down her throat!” The source said “I thought she wanted it too until she told me the next day her mouth was very sore and didn’t know what happened,” she continued.

The girl who witnessed Ludacris forced sexual accounter with the friend told her what she saw the following day after she was sober and able to understand the situation. “That’s when she realized Ludacris raped her, she was ecstatic, ashamed and pissed off; all at the same time,” she revealed.

What happened next is a classical example of how the rich & famous get away with rape and other heinous crimes; specially sexual crime against women by paying their way out of accountability.

Ludacris raped victim hired a lawyer who contacted the rapper’s legal team and threaten to go to the police. “After a few back and forth, the lawyers agreed on a huge financial settlement and the whole thing disappeared into thin air,” said the source.

The source, who was used as a witness by her friend’s lawyer during the alleged rape settlement negotiation sent us a long list of text messages between the parties. Included are back-and-forth text conversations between Ludacris, his lawyers, the alleged rape victim, and the witness (Shanda). She signed a confidential agreement to NEVER leak, discuss or tell the story to the media!

Around the same time, Ludacris released a song called “IDGAF” Feat. Chris Brown with the following lyrics:

“These girls be actin’ shy but you just ain’t afraid to show it,” the laywer read, quoting Luda’s verse, “I got all this money and I’m damn sure fin’ to blow it / Cuz she asked me for a drink and I’m damn sure fin’ to po’ it / I’ma make it strong, she said she like it fruity / In another 30 minutes I’ll be feelin’ on her booty / An hour after that I’ll have her twisted like a cyclone / Legs wrapped around me til she squeeze me like a python / I call that slizzer / We both been gone off that liquor / She let down all her defenses and yes I give her the business / With the quickness / She came to her senses, while I’m tappin’ and snappin’ pictures / Relentless but so persistent now she said it’s just Ludacris’.”

What do you think this Ludacris alleged raped story? Was the woman really raped or just another broke groupie looking for a big payday and got it?

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