Eddie’s Ex-Wife Nicole Murphy On Bangin’ SEXY NFL Superstar Odell Beckham? ‘I Have Kids Older Than Him’ [VEDEO]

Posted on Feb 7 2017 - 1:42am by Ratchet Queens Staff

Is Eddie Murphy’s ex-wife Nicole Murphy REALLY dating New York Giants’ fine star Odell Beckham? Read to find out if their really dating!

Is Eddie's Ex-Wife Nicole Murphy Dating NFL Star Odell Beckham?

Eddie Murphy’s ex-wife Nicole Murphy denied the news rumors that have been flying around that she’s bangin’ New York Giants’ superstar Odell Beckham. Reports started flying around after rumors that the Nicole Murphy and Odell Beckham were spotted at a party the Hip Hop / Rap group Migos were hosting in Houston, Texas.

The sources claim they new couple were seeing coming and living the party together. TMZ caught up with Murphy during Super Bowl weekend and ask her whether the rumors she’s dating the NFL star. Nicole Murphy’s response was, “[I] means no disrespect to the Odell Beckham, but I don’t know him, never even met the kid.”

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Nicole  is 49 years and sexy ASF old; Odell is 24 years young, rich, famous and a body to die for!

Do you think Nicole is REALLY bangin’ Odell Beckham but ashamed to say it because of his tender age?

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