Dylan and Dakota Gonzalez – Meet The SEXY Basketball Twin Sisters Rihanna DUMPED Drake Over [PHOTOS}

Posted on Nov 1 2016 - 8:31am by Ratchet Queens Staff

Drake, Rihanna and sexy basketball twin star Dakota Gonzalez caught up in 3-way love triangle

UNLV Basketball Twins Dakota and Dylan Gonzalez

We reported about a week ago that Rihanna and Drake‘s very public and steamy relationship is OFF AGAIN! We’ll the couple has been dating off-and-on for the last few years. However, this was the first time they publicly acknowleged their love for each other. RiRi and Drizzy even made out in public. That was a wow moment for everyone; we were not shocked but surprised. Why Rihanna and Drake broke up? Ask Dakota Gonzalez, she knows.

Who Is Drake New Girlfriend Dakota Gonzalez?

Let’s start by telling you who that chick Dakota Gonzalez is. She’s a nobody! LOL…but for real, Dakota is a 6’0, basketball player who plays guard for University of Nevada, Las Vegas. She’s a junior this year (2016) and Dakota Gonzalez is 21 years old. Mama got made skills, but it’s not basketball people are talking about when they’re referring to her. Kota, as she calls herself, has been dating Drizzy Drake behind Rihanna’s back.

Drake and Rihanna Break Up Over Dakota Gonzalez Twins Dating

Basically, Drake and Dakota Gonzalez has been cheating on Rihanna for a while, according to sources. Oh, did I mention that Kota also has a twin sister name Dylan Gonzalez? I’m not gay or bi but I have to admit, the twin sisters are sexy as heck and they know it. We don’t know exactly how Dakota got Drake’s attention, but we know that she post more sexy pictures of herself on social media more than she score points on the court.

Drake attended one of Dakota’s basketball games on November 16th, 2015 and the rumor mills went to work immediately. We contacted an inside source who confirmed that Drake and Dakota are indeed dating. Her Instagram followers shot up to 950,000 after the news of their romance. Like any other social media h*o, she seized the opportunity and release a single on SoundCloud entitled; “Nobody Knows.” LMAO. Drake is 29 years old and Dakota is 21.

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Rihanna and Dakota Gonzalez bump into each other for the first time on Septembre 11 when Drake invited both of this girls to a party in Las Vegas! Did I mention Kota lives in Vegas? “When Rihanna found out about Dakota, they had a blowout fight,” a source said to Life & Style Weekly. “She immediately told Drake that it’s over. When Rihanna isn’t at Drake’s concerts, Dakota is often there by his side.” SMH.

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What do you think of this three way love triangle between Rihanna, Drake and Dakota? Should they all just move in with each other and have a triad relationship? Your thoughts?