Donald Trump Facts: 11 Creepiest Things About Him! #9 is Halirious

Posted on Dec 1 2015 - 2:23am by Ratchet Queens Staff

donald trump facts

Donald Trump Facts: He is running for president and for some people, that’s scary. However, Trump has a huge fan base and he is sitting on top of the Republican (GOP) ticket just 2 months before the primary election. So, who’s voting for Donald Trump and prompting him to the top of the ticket? “It’s a strange coalition of people,” Patrick Murray of Monmouth University told Politico. “We can’t pin them down demographically. … It appears he’s cherry-picked individual voters.”

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A recent poll, however, revealed that the majority of Donald Trump voters are ‘non-educated’ White males. Oh, really! Some politicians have blunders, but saying things like ‘I can see Russia from my house’ (former vice presidential candidate), it sometimes goes beyond blunder. Some politicians are just dumb. Donald Trumps is one of the dumbest celebrities and now politicians in the world and he’s proud of it. Trump lies so much there should be a website just for Donald Trump facts checking.