Did Alexis Skyy Leaked Ex-Boyfriend Fetty Wap Sex Tape? Masika Kalysha Thinks So!

Posted on Jan 17 2017 - 12:17am by Ratchet Queens Staff

A leaked Fetty Wap sextape sparks a HUGE social media fight between his ex-stripper bae Alexis Skyy (on the tape) and his new girlfriend and baby mama Masika Kalysha

Alexis Skyy Leaked Fetty Wap Sextape Said Baby Mama Masika Kalysha

One of the biggest celebrity wars on social media right now is between Rapper Fetty Wap two chicks. The beef started after Fetty current girlfriend Masika Kalysha accused his ex-stripper girl Alexis Skyy of leaking a sex tape she made with the Trap Queen rapper. But did Alexis really leaked Fetty Wap sextape?

Alexis Skyy and Masika Kalysha have been going back-and-forth for about a week after the Fetty Wap leaked sextape went viral on social media. During an interview with The Breakfast Club, 22-year-old ex-stripper, model, actress and social entrepreneur told the show host she didn’t learn of the leak until a week later and talked about whether she’s her and Fetty are back together or not!

On the Fetty Wap leaked sextape:

“I was on my way to Miami and there was a picture going around of me giving head. I was just like, ‘Somebody is playing around’, but it was just the fact me and him were the only ones that had access to the photos and to the video. So when I landed, I’m actually here working on my app, so when I landed I saw that the whole video was out. It didn’t come from me, I was like ‘What the hell?’ I didn’t put this out. So that’s what’s been going on, all the blogs picked it up.”

Did she leak it or not:

“I didn’t do it. I have a family. I have people that watch me on Instagram. I’m 22 years old. I have a business. Like, I own a spa. I’m not going to put that out there.”

About Fetty Wap’s baby mama accusing her of leaking the sex tape:

“That b***h is just mad because she wants to be with Fetty and he doesn’t want her. She was just a one night stand. She’s mad because he exposed her nationally on TV. B***h, you old, I’m 22. You had a chance to do things and you didn’t. So now you have a baby by my ex-boyfriend.”

On Migos rapper Offset dating rumors:

“No. I’m single. Yeah, that’s my homie. I’ve been knowing him for a long time. I did have a little crush but no I’m not in a relationship.”

What the full interview:

A few days ago, Fetty Wap’s lawyers sent Alexis a cease and desist letter in attempt to keep her from selling the sextape to the highest bidder!

Do you think Alexis Skyy leaked the Fetty Wap sextape or his baby mama Masika Kalysha found it on his phone and leaked it?