DeSean Jackson Girlfriend, Model Kayla Phillips AKA “The Trap Queen,” Son & Pictures: 5 MUST Know FACTS

Posted on Jun 28 2016 - 5:52pm by Ratchet Queens Staff

DeSean Jackson and girlfriend Kayla Phillips

The year 2016 has not, so far, been kind at all to DeSean Jackson. The Washington Redskins star receiver’s girlfriend, Kayla Phillips gave birth to his first baby; a son they named, DeSean Jackson Jr. However, instead of celebrating with her son,  DeSean’s mother went off; labeling DeSean Jackson girlfriend “The Trap Queen.” “The reality of the situation, okay DeSean, there goes your money out the door… a lot of women make that their mission,” she said in one episode of the couple’s reality TV show, DeSean Jackson: Home Team.

DeSean Jackson baby pictures

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Kayla “Jackson” Phillips, as claimed her mother-in-law has truly reaped the benefits from DeSean’s destructive year and misfortunes. She made a load of the show and get a load more to take care of their son. “She’s trying to portray herself as this innocent girl who got pregnant by Desean Jackson,” Omyn Newkirk, Kayla Phillips’ ex-boyfriend revealed to bossip last year. “She’s a money-hungry female who’ll probably do anything —and I mean anything—to be part of someone with a little bit of money. She’s willing to trap whoever.” So was Gayle Jackson right about DeSean Jackson girlfriend, “The Trap Queen” Kayla Phillips? Below is 5 important facts you need to know about her:

DeSean Jackson Girlfriend, Kayla Phillips AKA “The Trap Queen” 5-Must-Know Facts:

1. Instagram and Vine made Kayla Phillips Famous

She shot to fame after going viral on social media sites; IG and Vines. After created a channel called “imKaylaPhillips” on Vine and posted a clip of her dancing to Zendaya’s music video “My Jame,” 700,000 people followed her. The video is played 44,747,824 times since then. She used her newly found fame to promote her clothing line: Civil Women’s Fall Hear Us Roar, which hired her as a model shortly after climbing the social media ladder. DeSean Jackson Girlfriend, Model Kayla Phillips AKA “The Trap Queen,” was born July 17, 1991 in Virginia.