OMFG: The Demi Rose Sexy PHOTOS, Tyga’s New CHICK, That’s Making Kylie Jenner JEALOUS! [PICTURES]

Posted on May 23 2016 - 9:11am by Ratchet Queens Staff

Take a look at the Demi Rose sexy photos, Tyga’s new girlfriend, that got Kylie Jenner losing sleep! The L.A. model has a petite body with a perfect bootay!

Demi Rose sexy photos and pictures

A source close to Kylie Jenner told RQ that she’s going crazy after seeing the Demi Rose sexy PHOTOS on Instagram. “Kylie is crying non-stop and throwing a fit” the snitch said. “Kylie is now planning her revenge and it will hurt Tyga to the core,” she continues.

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One of Demi Rose sexy photos that’s tearing Kylie Jenner’s heart apart is…the one where she posed topless, and another where she showing her backside. Baby got back! Demi Rose’s bootay pictures make Kim Kardashian’s bootay looks average. The lingerie model, Tyga’s girlfriend Demi Rose, is incredibly sexy. She’s a somewhat a Kylie Jenner-look-alike, but with sistas-like curves and a juicy bootay.

“Tyga’s just trying to get underneath Kylie’s skin by flaunting his hot new girl around.” a snitch told “At the end of the day, Tyga knows Kylie’s an Internet stalker and wanted her to see him and his new piece together. He hopes Kylie knows that she’s not the baddest girl in town and that he could do better, a lot better than her. Kylie and Tyga are both psychologically hurting one another.”

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Out of the last Demi Rose sexy photos posted one is a completely topless pic from her recent photoshoot. She did cover her breasts with her hands though (CLICK HERE to see Demi Rose, Tyga’s new girlfriend photos). She flaunted that perfectly petite and sexy body of hers for the whole world to see…Demi Rose is the perfect eyecandy.

I feel very sorry for Tyga’s ex-girlfriend, Kylie Jenner. If my boyfriend left me for a hottie looking like Demi Rose, i’ll probably loose my mind as well and stalk their social media accounts all day and night…have both on speed dial.

What do you think of Tyga’s hot new girlfriend and her topless pictures? Should Tyga’s ex-girlfriend, Kylie Jenner be afraid she’s never going to snatch Tyga back from that hot little thing?