DEFORMED CELEBS: 25 Celebrities with Weird Body Parts! #20 Is SHOCKING! [PICTURES]

Posted on Nov 27 2016 - 1:17pm by Ratchet Queens Staff

Some of the most popular and beloved celebs were bored with deformities, but very few people know. Below is a list of popular celebrities with weird body parts! #20 is SHOCKING!

List Of Celebrities With Weird Body Parts and Deformity Pictures

Have you every met a couple of deformed celebs? You know, the celebrities with weird body parts and deformities? Your answer will mostly likely be a big NO! Why? Because they do a good job at hiding their flaws! But truth is…most of them have some types of flaw! They are human with flaws like the rest of us. If you have any weird body parts you should feel better now knowing that you are not the only one with flaws. There is a long list of celebrities with weird body parts and deformities. I mean a very long list.

And actually quite few popular celebs were born with major deformities. Some you are even noticeable if you do a double take. Wait till you see this line up celebrities with weird body parts, it’s going to blow your mind. I personally six-toes on my right foot! I wish I wasn’t born with it, but I’m assuming it’s part of bigger plan for me; stay positive you know. Some people  look and treat celebrities they are perfect, mainly because they portrayed themselves like they are, on TV and pictures. But there are a higher percentage of famous celebrities per capital than regular people on this earth. 

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1. Mila Kunis

Mila Kunis Weird Body Parts and Deformity Pictures

Born with a condition called heterochromia of the eye or heterochromia iridum. This condition is the result of too much or lack of pigmentation in the pupil causing two different eye colors. Mila’s condition was a little worse, she was actually partially blind when she was younger and surgically had a cataract removed in order to improve her eye sight. Crazy she once was blind in one eye and now she can see again. Hats of to you honey!