GONE IN STYLE : Scandalous Bishop Eddie Long Casket Costs $100,000 [PICTURES]!

Posted on Jan 26 2017 - 10:10pm by Ratchet Queens Staff

SMFH NEWS: Bishop Eddie Long casket costs a whooping $100k! Lived Like a King, Gone Like A King! See his funeral pictures

Bishop Eddie Long Funenal Coffin Costs $100k. See the photos

Bishop Eddie Long‘s (dead of cancer at 63) older daughter did everything she could to paint the scandalous pastor in a good light after he died of cancer two weeks ago. However, the family wiped out all her efforts in just 1 day with an expensive and king-like Eddie Long casket. King Eddie Long’s extravagant funeral last 6 hours!

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Yes, his funeral took three hours. But his diseased body was not people where looking at. Bishop Eddie Long coffin was the star of the show! Why, the casket costs a whooping $100k. Yep, you read it right. Eddie Long lived like a king and went out like one.

Bishop Eddie Long Casket Pictures

Pastor Eddie Long funeral was a star-studded farewell event. His church congregation celebrated the fake spiritual leader’s death and home-going like he was King James. A recent research done by a professor at University Of Georgia shows that if the mega churches in the Atlanta area give back just 5% of money they extorted from members on Sundays; homelessness would be eradicated in less than 1 year in the whole state of Georgia.

How Much Pastor Eddie Long Coffin Cost? See The Price Tag

As I look at the $100k Bishop Eddie Long coffin pictures, I can’t help but to remember a line from one of my favorite movies; Road To Perdition (2020) with Tom Hanks (Michael Sullivan) when Chicago-based Irish-American mobster John Rooney (real name: Paul Newman) said “May you get to Heaven an hour before the Devil knows you’re dead” at one his Henchmen funeral; the man he himself ordered killed by another one of his Henchman for alleged stealing.

King Eddie Long Funeral Lasted 6 Hours!

What do you think of the crooked Bishop Eddie Long casket $100k price tag? did it cost too much?

Pictures Of Black Hearse Carrying Bishop Eddie Long Body Casket To Church For Funeral

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