Chris Brown daughter Royalty is Really Cute! Steals Spotlight in his New Music Video “Little More”

Posted on Dec 22 2015 - 8:44am by Ratchet Queens Staff

Chris Brown new music video 'Little More' with daughter Royalty

Chris Brown New Music Video with His Daughter ‘Royalty!’ Move over Chris Brown because your daughter is totally stealing the spotlight from you. Chris Brown 7th studio album is finally here and we can’t get over how cute Royalty is. The tiny toddler made her huge music debut in Breeze’s new song ‘Little More and she’s officially a superstar. Chris named the entire album after his little princess and for very good reason. Not only because she changed him from his bad boy ways but because she is the star.

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Chris Brown New Music Video ‘Little More’ (Royalty)

In Chris Brown new music video, he wakes up after a night of partying to see his beautiful 1 year old little girl shows up on his bed. In his dream, we see him walks through doors that said “Change Into This.” Clearly, Chris was insinuating how much ‘Royalty’ has changed his life for the better. At first, Chris is confused but later his confusion turned into love as you can see him playing, eating and dancing with his little girl.