Chris Brown and Rihanna Back Together for Good? Here’s What We Know!

Posted on Dec 3 2015 - 8:01pm by Ratchet Queens Staff

Chris Brown and Rihanna Back Together for Good?

“He misses chopping it up with Rihanna at the games like they’ve done so many times in the past. Christmas would be complete if Rihanna accepted the offer. Watching her smile and eat popcorn out the palm of his hands while watching Kobe play in his last season would be a dream come true for Breezy,” the source said.

is chris brown and rihanna back together

Is it possible that Chris Brown and Rihanna back together for good this time? Well, miss RiRi did admit to Oprah that she loves Breezy to death in an interview in 2012 and wouldn’t mind getting back with him after he served time for hitting her in a car on the side of the highway in California after a reported altercation started by Rihanna; accusing Chris Brown of cheating. Since their last reunion, the couple has avoided each other.