China Grants President Donald Trump Escorts & Prostitution Service New Patents!

Posted on Mar 9 2017 - 10:12pm by Ratchet Queens Staff

The Trump Organization and president Donald Trump escorts and prostration service business is going global after China granted the company new patents

Trump Escorts Granted New Patents By China

Donald Trump and his organization have officially entered the international escorts and prostitution service business after China granted a patent filed under his company “The Trump Organization” brand years he becomes president of the United States.

The granting of the Trump Escorts and Prostitution patent along with 34 other pending patents have democrats and ethics lawyers screaming foul; fearing that his ever growing list of conflict of interests will breed a new wave of corruptions in Washington. The newly acquired patent “Trump Escorts” is for his online escort website;

Donald Trump Escorts and Prostitution Services Granted Patents By Chinese Government

In addition to conflict of interest concerns, expert and regular citizens are wondering how a sitting United States’ president can be involved in the ever growing and violent global sex trade and get away with it. The new Donald Trump Escort and prostitution services patent should prompt urgent discussion about the president businesses tie to foreign governments; including Russia.

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However, the fact that voters ignored these issues during his vicious campaign proves they don’t really care if Trump is involved in the sex trade business as long he represents their individual interests, not the country as a whole.

Trump and his modeling agencies have been involved in the highly profitable women-for-profit business for years. They’re simply expending the business brand to include high-end escort and prostitution services at the pleasure of their rich and famous clients.

Some of “The Trump Organization” foreign models have already claimed they were forced to sleep with and date some of Trump’s high-end clients to keep their modeling gigs. There is a string of pending lawsuits against the president by disgruntled ex-models.

What do you think of the news that China granted president Donald Trump Escorts and prostitution patent to enter the international sex trade business?