Chante Moore New Boyfriend (Toy) Revealed! Guess Who He Is?

Posted on Nov 24 2015 - 7:10pm by Ratchet Queens Staff

It is no secret that Miss Chante Moore has had a few relationships/marriages in the past that did not last ‘unfortunately’. Chante was married to the very well known singer Kenny Lattimore; the father of her son and now ex-husband. That was one  of Chante Moore’s relationships that everyone thought was going to last, but didn’t.

chante moore with her husband kenny lattimore

Chante Moore with her ex-husband Kenny Lattimore

She was in another marriage with a very well known actor Kadeem Hardison.  But after taking some time by herself, getting her career back off the ground, she has now found a new love and actually made it official by announcing him to the public.  He is a very well known actor himself, he goes by the name Darrin Henson. Yes ladies and gents, Chante Moore new boyfriend is none other than Darrin Henson, the fine chocolate brotha from the TV series Soul Food playing the role of Lem as “Bird” (Malinda Williams) husband.

Chante Moore New Boyfriend (Boytoy)

chante moore new boyfriend darrinn henson

Chante Moore’s new boyfriend Darrin Henson



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