27 Celebrity Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong & Disaster – Before & After Pictures

Posted on Dec 23 2015 - 9:01pm by Ratchet Queens Staff

celebrity plastic surgery gone wrong / disaster before and after pictures

Celebrity plastic surgery gone wrong! Most, if not all celebrities have had some type of cosmetic surgery done; a nip and a tuck here, a nip and a tuck there. It has become so common now that people aren’t phased by it anymore. A few of those celebs actually look great rocking their plastic parts. However, I’ve seen some of the worst plastic surgery done by celebrities in this decade. Some of those celebrity plastic surgeries don’t really go as planned. Hollywood celebs are known for having the most shocking plastic surgery disasters in the world!

Lil Kim plastic surgery face pictures before and after

Some celebrities are so addicted to plastic surgery that they keep going back and back for more fixes. By then they are unrecognizable and look a complete hot mess. So on my list today are some celebrities you already know that have had tons of work done and some you will be surprised to see their bad plastic surgery photos. Below are some of the post popular celebrity cosmetic / plastic surgery gone wrong before and after pictures.