14 Celebrities With Ugly Feet – EWWW, #13 Is Just DISGUSTING!!!

Posted on Feb 1 2016 - 11:51pm by Ratchet Queens Staff

#2. Michele Yeoh

Michelle Yeoh ugly feet

Known For: Being a Bond Girl, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

One thing I know about Asian people is their on point when it comes to nails, eyebrows, and feet, but I guess that’s only on other people and not themselves. Michele Woe surprises me with those dawgs! Why she wore those thin strapped heels to show her big toe over lapping her next toe bewilders me as to what she was thinking. But hey, I did hear that in China they made women mash their feet into small shoes even if they don’t fit, to make the feet appear smaller.


  • j. allen

    3 billion dollar net worth and women in poor 3rd world countries have better looking feet… Goes to show that money never buys a heart or self respect…Absolutely shameful and a disgrace to be so established and come out in public with your feet looking like that… makes me so sick thst i dont even want to eat…

  • J. Johnson

    Its so disgusting that all the money these people make, They cant even spend 100 bucks to take care of their feet… its absolutely disgusting and downright appetite supressing.. When i saw oprahs feet i felt like i couldnt keep any food down for a week… 3 billion dollar net worth? are you kidding me? Thats why i dont follow celebrites bcuz at the end of the day most of them are downright SICK… Look at Oprahs feet and tell me that im wrong…

  • Wubbsy

    I disagree. Her feet are non-standard but still beautiful. That extra toe is still perfectly formed and the rest can’t really be criticized at all. I’m guessing she probably kept it on not only because it would hurt to take it off besides leaving a mark afterwards, but because it is probably of use to her.