BREAKING NEWS: Rapper Young Thug Arrested In Atlanta’s Lenox Mall For Shoplifting [VIDEO]!

Posted on Dec 23 2016 - 3:43pm by Ratchet Queens Staff

BREAKING NEWS: Foul mouth rapper Young Thug arrested in Lenox Square Mall In Atlanta, Georgia…a source says it was for shoplifting [VIDEO]

Rapper Young Thug Arrested In Atlanta Lenox Square Mall For Shoplifting!

Young Thug Arrested In Atlanta – December 23, 2016: Karma is a b*tch that will always come back to bite you in the a*s and rapper Young Thug is learning that, the hard way. The “Pick Up The Phone” rapper was recently caught on cellphone video berating an airline worker; an innocent girl he called ugly, poor, ants and should be deported back to Africa even though she was born right here in the United States (see video here).

Rapper Young Thug Jail Mugshots Pictures

Well, I hope ol’ girl is laughing now because the rapper’s foul mouth is catching up with him. Because our headquarter is not too far away from Atlanta’s Lenox Square, we were alerted about Young Thug arrested news and rushed to the location. When we arrived we saw the Thug taken away on handcuff while cursing out the police officers. He once yelled ‘do you f*cking know who am I!’

Was Young Young arrested for shoplifting? A source close to the rapper says he tried to walk out of a jewlry store with a Rolex watch without paying for it! The claim has not been independently verified, but we’re on it and will update you with more news of the event. This is not the first time Young Thug got arrested…he was recently booked for public intoxication and lewd acts.

Video footage of Young Thug getting arrested In Lenox Square Mall In Atlanta, Georgia


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