BREAKING NEWS: Electoral College Plans On Choosing Hillary Clinton Over Donald Trump On Monday

Posted on Dec 17 2016 - 3:00pm by Ratchet Queens Staff

BREAKING NEWS: Hillary Clinton will be president comes Monday January 19, 2017! Electoral College is choosing her over racist and sexist Donald Trump!

Donald Trump Is Not My President! Electors To Choose Hilary Clinton Who Won The Popular Vote On Monday.

Hillary Clinton received 2.9 million more votes than Donald Trump, yet it was him who won the election on November 8, 2016! Why? Well, to put it bluntly; your vote doesn’t really count. According to the constitution founded by the so-called founding fathers, a small group of white men; mostly republicans gets to choose who becomes president. They are collectively called the “Electoral College.”

By choosing one of the most racist, sexiest unqualified bigot to run the most powerful country in earth with the largest economy, this group of white males also proven they’re not qualified to be tasked with a duty as important as choosing the president of the United States. But found ourselves here and have to deal with it. In fact, we dealing with it by demanding those electoral college people do the right thing.

President Donald Trump Twitter Fights

People took to the streets wrote letters to their states elected officials and spoke out on social media against this coup-d’etat.  Yes, it’s a hostile takeover because the people chose Hilary Clinton as their president. Donald trump got elected on November 8th, but he is NOT officially the president yet. On Monday January 19th, the electors have to confirm they have chosen him. Good news is…70 of those electors have changed their minds and planned on selecting candidate who really won the election, Hillary Clinton!

Donald Trump and Russia Fake News About Hillary Clinton

Can the electors really do that? Yes they can! According to the constitution, any elector has the right to vote his or her conscience comes January 19th. In other words, each one has the right to select someone else to be president during confirmation. Thankfully, 70 of them have come to their senses and promised to do the right thing on Monday and choose the qualified candidate and the one who won the popular vote; the people’s choice to run the country;  that is. 70 and the number is growing; thanks to many grassroots campaigns.

We need your help, however to make sure those electors keep their promises comes Monday. Below is 4 ways you can help making sure they do what they said they will on Monday; vote for Hillary Clinton over Donald trump.

1. Sign the petition, the contact the electors from your state and demand they don’t confirm Donald Trump on Monday January 19, 2017.

2.  If #1 doesn’t work, protest his inauguration on Saturday, January 21st by joining the million women march in Washington DC.

3. Pick up the phone and contact your elected officials in your states and demand they stand to Donald Trump and his racist, sexist and egotistic agenda. You can find them here.

4. Be smart and protest peacefully! Any violence will play into Donald Trump, Neo-Nazi supporters and the Republican party (the new KKK).


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