#BlackGirlMagic: Adenah Bayoh, 35yr-Old Liberian Refugee Made $225M With Real Estate & 2 iHOPs In New Jersey!

Posted on Sep 3 2016 - 9:29pm by Ratchet Queens Staff

Pull out a piece of paper and pen, sit back and learn how African refugee, Adenah Bayoh; a product of Liberia’s civil war made $225 millions in just a few years after migrating to Newark, New Jersey!

Adenah Bayoh not only beat the odds, she shattered it. The woman becomes a multi-millionaire against with three major odds that would break the spirit of any person regardless or geographical location, ethnicity, race or gender. Adenah Bayoh beat all of them and more with flying colors.


You have probably heard from a friend or read from social media the sensational story of Adenah Bayoh. However, we feel obligated to re-introduce her story to you within the context or point of view of another black woman.

African Liberian, Adenah Bayoh story, net worth, real estate and iHOP restaurants

Adenah Bayoh‘s #1 odd was that she was born in a poor (most are) country in Africa (Liberia). Secondly, she was born black (99% of the population). Third but not last, she was born in a country that shattered by years of civil war under a ruthless dictator.

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She took full advantage of her second chance in life after moving to New Jersey under a refugee re-settlement program in the late 1990s. Adenah Bayoh completed high school in Newark, New Jersey and her higher education at Fairleigh Dickinson University Teaneck, NJ. Today, Adenah Bayoh net worth stands at $225 millions with a long list of properties and two successful iHOP restaurants!

Via Atlanta Black Star

In an Aug. 22 interview with New Jersey’s PIX 11 News, Adenah Bayoh tells reporters that she would have never dreamed of owning two International House of Pancakes restaurants after coming from Liberia. By the age of 27, the entrepreneur opened her first IHOP restaurant.

She went to high school in Newark, New Jersey and continued her education at Fairleigh Dickinson University.

After graduation, Bayoh began in banking. However, that was not her dream.

So the franchisee branched off into real estate.

Immediately, Bayoh began purchasing homes in Irvington, New Jersey as an investment strategy.

Her success in real estate catapulted her. Now, she has an empire — all before the age of 30. The mother of two has a diversified portfolio, including $225 million in urban redevelopment projects.

“My story could not be possible anywhere else except for America,” the entrepreneur states. “For someone to escape civil war, come here and be given the opportunity [to] start her own business, employ and rebuild [is amazing].”

After reading Adenah Bayoh’s story, I’ve concluded that as a black woman in these United States I have no excuse; that black women and men in these country should get off their lazy a*ses and start doing something for themselves.

Black Girl Magic: The Adenah Bayoh Story

We have been exposed to more opportunities than Adenah Bayoh could have ever dreamed off as a child. In just a few years, she has accomplished more than our entire generation. Her story has not only renewed my pride AND hope for black women in this country, but also helps me refocused on my priorities; I’m now more energized!

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Thank you Adenah Bayoh for sharing your story; it is truly amazing. 2017 will be my year! I’m joining you sista. Watch out for me…