BLACK WOMEN AIN’T SH*T: I REFUSE To Date Black Women Any Longer and Here’s Why!

Posted on Nov 22 2016 - 9:21am by Ratchet Queens Staff

Black men in the United States are saying “black women ain’t SH*T; I REFUSE to date black women” and giving their reasons why! DO THEY HAVE A CASE?

I REFUSE To Date Black Women Any Longer!

The huge number of black men in the United States not dating black women is alarming. What is more troubling, however, is how bold they are about expressing it publicly through social media news networks across the globe and even posting videos that went viral on YouTube and Facebook. ” I REFUSE to date black women,” we often reading about or listening to them saying.

The reasons black men are for not dating black women often met with hostility from black women. They call these black men sell-out, low lives, white girl lovers, men with low self-esteem, self-hated black men; just to name a few. It is evident that some the black men who say “I REFUGE to date black woman” are doing damage to black women on a global scale. They are promotion the negative views and conspiracy invented by white men and women to show black women are inferior.

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As a black man myself marrying to a beautiful black woman, you ladies need to do more to debunk the atrocious lies, conspiracy theories and help putting a stop to them. Ya need ask yourselves some questions and and do some soul searching. Ask yourselves, why black men are saying “I REFUSE to date black women” and that “black women ain’t SH*T” and doing so publicly, overwhelmingly and in great numbers.

Even my own bother-in-law who has a child with a white woman raves, every time the family gets together, about how white women are better and giving ignorant reasons why he’s no longer and will never again date a black woman. Side note: He was previously married to a black woman.

10 Reasons Why Black Men No Longer Dating Black Women

I have witnessed first hand the length a black man will go to find him a White woman when I traveled throughout Africa a few weeks ago. For instance, in Zimbabwe this man approached me and bluntly asked me if I can help him find a white woman in the states. At the beaches In Dakar, Senegal you see nothing but young and healthy black men with white women that look old enough to be their grand mothers. I befriended a Nigerian man vacationing there with his white wife from the U.K.; he gushed about how good his ‘white’ wife is to him and how he will never AGAIN touch a black woman!

My attitude has always been, a black men should be able to date whomever the please regardless of race, ethnicity, skin color, and even gender. But, the issue lies when that same black man turn around and portraits that woman he is dating as superior to black women, bashing black women and giving lame and ignorant reasons why they’re don’t want to date black woman.

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I’m currently in Cambodia, at the end of my 18 counties world tour and was approached by a boy who couldn’t be no more than 12 years old. He tried to sell me some locally made bracelets. As an entrepreneur myself, I had the full intention of buying one or two in order to support my fellow young entrepreneur. But before I purchase I decided to have a conversation with him; you know, pick his brain and maybe give him some tips later.

Before I can get any words out, he pull down his hoodie and exposed his hair. I was already curious as to why he was wearing a sweatshirt with a hoodie when it felt like a oven out here; by the beach! The kid exposed to me his blond hair and said “I’m Justin Bieber.” I was like ok, I see…just another kid going through teen aged experiments. That’s what was flying inside of my head until he said “I want to be white, I don’t like your black black skin color and my brown skin!”

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If any grown person had said that to me, I would have b*tch slapped him or her to oblivion. But it was a kid…he had no idea what the words coming out of his mouth means…He only wants to be white because everything he has been exposed to from the media about brown or dark-skin people are negative. I instantly forgave him and said, “good for you.” I was not about to give this child a self-hate or race relation lecture.

I Turned to the young white couple sitting beside me and asked “what do you think about what the kid just said?” Both, at the same time responded, “oh, we didn’t here anything.” They did, they just simply didn’t want to be confronted about a brown-skin Cambodian kid bragging about their superiority and promoting white supremacy. They knew their parents, those before them and the system have done a great job keeping them on top of the latter. How did I know they knew? Even a blind wo/man would have felt the pride one their faces a mile away…let a lone a black man with 20/20 vision…well, close to it anyway.

Black men publicly saying “I REFUSE to date black women” is deeper than it seems. It’s time black women stop dismissing it as simply an ‘ignorant’ black man with a little bit of money who forgot another black women gave birth to him, fed and enabled him to have what he has today.’ It’s time black men and woman sit down, discuss the issues and at least attempt to find solutions.

I REFUSE to date black women.” I would like to hear your take on this ladies and gentlemen. Use the comment section below to voice your opinion on this issue.

By the way, my wife is a proud black woman and NEVER refused to date a black woman. In fact, I’ve NEVER dated woman other than a black woman.

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