“Black Players Struggle Because They Don’t Have Fathers” Says Ex-NBA Coach George Karl! They Fired Back

Posted on Dec 26 2016 - 7:58pm by Ratchet Queens Staff

Former NBA coach George Karl slanders his ex-players by saying “black players struggle because they don’t have fathers,” they fired back!

George Karl Calls Former NBA Player Carmelo Anthony JR Smith and Kenyon Martin Fatherless

This is not the first time former NBA coach George Karl manages to piss off the NBA and its mainly black players. But this time, he has taken it too far. ‘Furious George,’ is what most black NBA players call him; specially the ones that have played for him in the past. Over the weekend, Karl decided to make a statement by taking shots at his former players, Carmelo Anthony, Kenyon Martin, JR Smith and many others who unfortunate played under his reign.

This is according to the New York Post:

George Karl wrote Anthony and Martin not having fathers in their lives became a detriment to their personalities.

“Kenyon and Carmelo carried two big burdens: all that money and no father to show them how to act like a man,” Karl wrote.

Regarding Smith, Karl wrote that Smith’s father, Earl Sr., “urged his son to shoot the ball and keep shooting it from the very moment I put him in the game.’’

Karl singled out Carmelo Anthony and personally attacked him by calling him a ‘selfish’ player:

“Carmelo was a true conundrum for me in the six years I had him,” Karl wrote. “He was the best offensive player I ever coached. He was also a user of people, addicted to the spotlight and very unhappy when he had to share it.

George Karl Calls Former NBA Player Carmelo Anthony Selfish

“He really lit my fuse with his low demand of himself on defense. He had no commitment to the hard, dirty work of stopping the other guy. My ideal — probably every coach’s ideal — is when your best player is also your leader. But since Carmelo only played hard on one side of the ball, he made it plain he couldn’t lead the Nuggets, even though he said he wanted to. Coaching him meant working around his defense and compensating for his attitude.”

His former players JR Smith, Kenyon Martin and others fired back on Twitter:


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