BLACK LIVES MATTER (BLM): Singer Denasia Lawrence Kneels During National Anthem Performance At NBA Game!

Posted on Oct 24 2016 - 9:09am by Ratchet Queens Staff

R&B singer Denasia Lawrence honors Black Lives Matter and Kaepernick by kneeling during national anthem performance at Miami Heat game vs 76ers

Social Worker and RNB Singer Denasia Lawrence Kneels During National Anthem Performace For Miami Heat Game

Thanks for San Francisco 49ers Colin Kaepernick, the national anthem stance caught heat yesterday! Miami Heat that is. R&B singer Denasia Lawrence infuriated some Miami Heats fans, owners and racist white people by taking a knee during her national anthem performance during Friday’s Miami Heat Game as the players began to lock arms at the American Airline Arena. She opened her blazer and under it is a t-shirt that reads “Black Lives Matter.”

Aware she was going to face a lot backlash, singer Denasia Lawrence quickly took to Twitter to defend her stance.

The Miami Heat organization dashed into damage control by immediately releasing a statement saying, “We were unaware of it ahead of time.” Early Saturday morning, singer Denasia Lawrence touched the nerves of BLM haters by telling the truth; “We’re being unjustly killed and overly criminalized.” Miss Lawrence wrote. “I took the opportunity to sing and kneel to show that we belong in this country and that we have the right to respectfully protest injustices against us,” she continue.

Singer Denasia Lawrence did a good job keeping the Black Lives Matter t-shirt and her agenda hidden from Miami Heat officials. “I didn’t get paid to sing the national anthem nor was this moment about any sort of fame,” She said. “Black Lives Matter is far larger than a hashtag. It’s a rallying cry.”

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Who is is Denasia Lawrence? She is a social worker with Dade County public services in Miami, Florida and a part time R&B singer. Denasia national anthem stance is one of many plans around the country in the next few months during professional and non-professional sport games, concerts and other activities. The NBA players (over 90% black) plans to honor BLM and showing supports for Colin Kaepernick, but they pay a heavy price doing so.

Standing for the national anthem is part of the NBA players contractual agreement. The NBA has a specific rule demanding they stand. “All I can say is what we’ve seen in multiple preseason games so far is our players standing for the national anthem,” NBA commissioner, Adam Silver, stated on Friday in NYC. “It would be my hope that they would continue to stand for the national anthem. I think that is the appropriate thing to do.”

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What do you think of social worker and singer Denasia Lawrence national anthem stance during the Miami Heat vs Philadelphia 76ers game in Miami?




  • TomPayne

    I was happy to see the fans turning their backs on this divisive misinformed self-praising young lady.

    She comes from Paterson, NJ. A true cesspool where they culturally blame the system for their woes rather than looking within. There were two surrounding towns, East Paterson and West Paterson that changed their names so that not to be affiliated with Paterson. East Paterson is now Elmwood Park and West Paterson is now Woodland Park, so what does that say about Paterson?

    Like so many, Ms Lawrence is misinformed and doesn’t realize that 3-4 times as many people of other races are killed at the hands of police than blacks, so playing the racist blame game does nothing but promote divide, which was shown by the number of people that turned their backs when she knelt.

    Hopefully she loses her job, so she can blame that on white people rather than being accountable for her own action. I agree with other comments I have seen. Rather than all this nonsense, perhaps Denasia, Kaeperdick and others should actually draft a plan to to fix what they believe is plaguing society, rather than taking advantage of their celebrity and making jackasses out of themselves.