Blac Chyna Weight Loss Secrets Post-Baby Revealed! [PICTURES / VIDEO]

Posted on Jan 10 2017 - 12:52am by Ratchet Queens Staff

Massive Blac Chyna weight loss and slim figure 2 months after giving birth to daughter Dream Kardashian is credited to breastfeeding…do you believe her claim? Watch the video & see pictures

Pictures: Blac Chyna Weight Loss Is Due To Breastfeeding Daughter Kardashian

Blac Chyna revealed her weight loss secrets during an interview yesterday. The massive Blac Chyna weight loss prompted speculations and rumors that she either had the fat removal procedure Liposuction or used a surrogate to give birth to her baby girl. Chyna gave birth to Dream Kardashian; a daughter on November 11, 2016. Just two months later, the Rob & Chyna reality TV star was photographed sporting a very sexy and slim figure.

Blac Chyna weight loss secrets are barely secret at all, she revealed. How does Blac Chyna have a super sexy flat stomach just two months after pushing out a baby? She credited Dream’s daily breastfeeding for her quick weight lost.

Blac Chyna Weight Loss Is Due To Breastfeeding Daughter Kardashian

“I’m just really breastfeeding because you have to wait six weeks until you work out, and I just started hiking with Rob so we’re back on our health tip, and I’m drinking a ton of water.” Chyna said about her post-baby workout regime in Vegas 1 OAK nightclub a couple of days.

Some of Blac Chyna’s diehard fans are not buying her ‘breastfeeding weight lost‘ claim. She defended herself against post-baby plastic surgery news, accusation and rumors on Snapchat on November 20th, 2016; “The only reason it got that flat is from breast-feeding and breast pumping and from my body already being small before my pregnancy.”

Blac Chyna Weight Loss Is Due To Breastfeeding Daughter Kardashian

Blac Chyna’s massive weight loss what showcased in her first appearance in Las Vegas and told People mag how she’s able to go out while caring for an infant, “It’s not really scary to be away from Dream, because I have tons of help and I’m not that far,” she said. “If I was in Paris of New York I would feel super uncomfortable right now.”

Do you believe the massive and quick Blac Chyna weight loss has anything to do with breastfeeding her daughter Dream Kardashian OR she had surgical procedures done?

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