Birth Of A Nation FLOPS At Box Office On Opening Weekend! Is Rapist Nate Parker To Blame?

Posted on Oct 10 2016 - 7:22pm by Ratchet Queens Staff

Birth Of A Nation FLOPS terribly on opening day at the box office! Should we blame Nate Parker for the movie’s disastrous weekend opening?

Nate Parker Rape Allegations Sinks Birth Of A Nation?

Birth Of A Nation was a highly anticipated movie until the the lead actor, Nate Parker rape allegations resurfaced weeks before the release date. Both women and men; blacks and whites vowed to boycott the movie and asked others to do the same. Well, their campaigns are working. Birth Of A Nation FLOPS terribly at the box office on opening weekend. In three days, the controversial movie racks only $7 millions.

Nate Parker plays the story of African-American hero, Nat Turner who led a bloody slave rebellion against white slave masters in the south. Critics and white people already had issues with the movie, but Nate Parker’s rape allegations and sexual assault rumors put the final nail on the coffin. Basically, Birth Of A Nation FLOPS and in epic proportions.

Watch Nate Parker’s Birth Of A Nation Official Trailer

Birth Of A Nation FLOPS is a huge disappointment for Nate Parker, his fans, co-writer Jean Celestin and Nat Turner’s family members.

According to  Marketwatch:

Ten months later, it opened to an estimated $7.1 million in sixth place with its awards prospects severely hampered, even though it opened in more than 2,100 locations, an unusually wide rollout for a low-budget film.

The box-office performance of “The Birth of a Nation” caps a monthslong problem for its studio, Fox Searchlight, the specialty label of Twentieth Century Fox.

Nate Parker Birth Of A Nation Flops At Box Office Weekend Opening

Nate Parker’s Birth Of A Nation took a beating from “The Girl on the Train.” That movie was not expected to make not even $5 millions on opening. I guess with all the backlash and no other real competitions, people wanted to see something and chose the next best thing.

Do you think Birth Of A Nation FLOPS at the box office over the weekend because of Nate Parker’s rape allegations?