Birdman – Rapper & Cash Money Mogul Buys Girlfriend, Toni Braxton $250k Luxury Bentely Bentayga Truck [VIDEO]

Posted on Aug 22 2016 - 2:52am by Ratchet Queens Staff

Below is a video of the 2017 Bentely Bentayga truck Birdman rapper gifted his new girlfriend, Toni Braxton!

Birdman rapper surprises girlfriend Toni Braxton with luxury car

Birdman Rapper shows singer Toni Braxton he means business by surprising her with a $250,000 luxury vehicle. The car, a 2017 Bentely Bentayga truck. An average Jane like myself didn’t even know the company who makes Bentley, ‘Bentley Motors Limited‘ – a subsidiary of Volkswagen AG also makes Bentley trucks. That’s a very expensive gift a chick you just hooked up with!

What make black men think giving black women expensive gifts is the only way to win their hearts? I’m not saying I wouldn’t have taken a 2017 Bentely Bentayga truck as a gift from my boyfriend. However, Toni Braxton has her own money and can afford her own expensive car. Birdman rapper should have bought her an engagement ring.

What Toni really need right now is a man that will marry and help taking care of her when her Lupus disease starts to take a tow. Birdman rapper & Cash Money mogul should know better. Toni is 48 years old, even though she looks good for her age, she’s not getting any younger. Toni Braxton married Keri Lewis (Mint Condition lead singer) in 2001, but the two got divorce in 2013.

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Birdman rapper should wake up and thank his maker every day for been lucky enough to be in the presence of Toni Braxton and waking up next that beautiful woman. Toni Braxton and Birdman relationship totally a remake of the movie, ‘Beauty And The Beast.’ No offense, but that brother is one ugly looking negro. We have to give Birdman some credits though. At least he put some respek on her name! LOL.

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In the Snapchat video above, Toni Braxton and sister, Tamar Braxton can be seen going on a joyride with her brand new whip. Tamar can be heard saying, in what appears to be, a message to her husband, Vince (Vincent Herbert). “I get some nice gifts Toni Braxton…but I don’t get stuff that’s not out yet. C’mon Jesus!”

Lol I could watch this all day 😂😍 Toni “Hiiii” ❤️ #tamarbraxton #tonibraxton A video posted by BFV (@bfvlove) on

I guess Birdman had to act fact. Hours before he surprised Toni Braxton with the gift, her sister Tamar held a Snapchat session in which Toni made a guess appearance. Tamar announced that Toni was still single and in need of a man, “Hey Snapchat, I have a special guest today,” she bragged. “She’s still single, I need a brother-in-law.”

What do you think of Toni Braxton and Birdman’s rapper relationship & his new gift to her?