Beyoncé’s Twins Genders REVEALED…Accidentally By Her Father Matthew Knowles

Posted on Feb 8 2017 - 7:26pm by Ratchet Queens Staff

Matthew Knowles ‘ACCIDENTALLY’ revealed Beyonce’s twins genders! Was her father wrong for doing so without her permission?

Beyonce's Twins Genders Accidentally REVEALED By Her Father Matthew Knowles!

What are Beyonce‘s twins genders? We’re certain the Formation R&B singer didn’t want anyone to know her the genders of her twin babies until she push them out of her wound. Bey didn’t reveal them when she made the grand announcement to the world that she was pregnant with twins. But thanks to daddy Matthew Knowles, her plan to keep her twins babies genders a secret when up in smoke.

Matthew accidentally announced that Byonce’s twins genders when he was asked his thoughts by television host Debbie Matenopoulos on his daughter’s ‘pregnant with twins’ news. “I was shocked,” Matthew said. “I got a text and I’m like, why is this person saying, ‘Congratulations’. I didn’t know myself.”

Matthew said he called his daughter after hearing the news and “she sounded a little tired because she’s been working on the Grammy performance.” Even though he was the last to find out about Bey’s twins pregnancy, he things her ‘strategy’ was brilliant.

Then Matthew Knowles did the unthinkable. He accidentally REVEALED Beyonce’s twins genders when Debbie asked him is Bey was having a girl or boy.

“That was very smart that she did it rather than someone else, the media, doing it. I think there’s strategy. I think there’s more to come… I’m extremely proud, extremely happy both for Jay [Z] and for her. And Blue [Ivy] is gonna have brothers and sisters. She is already excited.”

He then tried to correct his mistake, but then it was too late… Beyonce is having twins and they are a boy and a girl.

“Oh, I don’t know. You have to say both because I don’t know if it’s either.”

Was it really an accident thought? Beyonce’s father did complain that he was left out; that he only learned of bey’s pregnancy after it was announced on Instagram! Was it Matthew’s ultimate revenge on his daughter? It sure looks like it.

What do you make of Beyonce’s father REVEALING his daughter’s twins genders? Was it accidental?

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