Beyonce Surrogate? Did Beyonce Really FAKE Pregnancy? TRUTH IS!

Posted on Nov 15 2016 - 11:49am by Ratchet Queens Staff

A woman files a lawsuit claiming she’s Blue Ivy’s real mother because she gave birth to her as Beyonce surrogate! Is Evy REALLY Bey’s daughter?

Are The Rumors A Beyonce Surrogate Was Used To Give Birth To Daughter Blue Ivy True?

We really don’t believe the rumors that a Beyonce surrogate was used to give birth to daughter Blue Ivy. The question ‘did Beyonce use a surrogate’ has been circulating all over social media and black celebrity gossip sites ever since Ivy was born. To add fuel to the fire, a woman named Tina Seals sues Beyonce and Jay-Z claiming she’s the real mother of Blue Ivy and says on the filed lawsuit she was full custody of the little girl. Could a Beyonce fake pregnancy a reality and be proven?

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The only problem is this woman’s only evidence she was used as a Beyonce surrogate to give birth to Blue Ivy is her claim that she’s done it before with a number of other popular celebrities. If you’re one of the people curious about the rumors that Beyonce used a surrogate to give birth to Blue Ivy, you can now put your mind to rest. Beyonce is Blue Ivy real mother and Jay-Z is her real father.

As for Jay-Z being the real father of Ivy, that is all speculation. You never know, Bey could have slept with someone else and got pregnant, concealed that fact and pinned the baby on Hova. Shoot, he may even have known about it and decided it’s best to stay with Bey and keep quit. Celebrities are notorious for cheating and concealing their love children. The news prompted more people to ask ‘did Beyonce have a surrogate‘ to carry her daughter?


The idea of a Beyonce surrogate to conceive Blue Ivy is not all that crazy…it could actually be true. Proving Beyonce used a surrogate for Blue Ivy will be almost impossible. However, that should not be reason enough not to dig for the truth. Let’s investigate. We have to warn you these are just our theories.

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