Beyonce Mother, Tina Knowles LIED About Bey’s QUICK #BETAwards EXIT Last Night! BEYHIVE Called Her OUT!

Posted on Jun 28 2016 - 7:21pm by Ratchet Queens Staff

Beyonce mother, Tina Knowles on lying about daughter’s #BETAwards quick EXIT right after performance; ‘I LIED and Owe No One An Explanation’

Beyonce mother, Tina Knowles lied BET Awards

If we have learned one thing by now, it’s that; you cannot lie to the beyhive straight to their faces on national TV and get away with it. Beyonce Mother, Tina Knowles is learning that the hard way. There is no doubt Beyonce and Kendrick Lamar killed the #BETAwards last night. But the surprised and outstanding performance from two of the most popular entertainment of our time got swept under the rugs because Beyonce mother, Tina Knowles decided she’s going to have a little fun of her own. She pretty much told a 100 lies last night about her daughter’s quick departure from the Awards.

Beyonce mother, Tina Knowles had no idea the beyhive was going to call her out and come after her. Even after getting caught right handed lying about why she left; she still defended her behavior on social media. Tina Knowles may thinks she doesn’t owe anyone an explanation, but the beyhive will keep pounding her until they suck the life out of her.

This beyhive is telling the truth; unlike Beyonce mother, Tina Knowles! We’ve checked 100 times (overexarated) and verified that Beyonce’s next concert (get tickets here) is July 3rd, 2016 in Wembley Stadium, London, England. Did Beyonce tell Tina to make up something and left without telling her what? Hmmmmmm!

Beyonce mother, Tina Knowles WAS very dramatic with the “I hope she makes it there on time” comment. Telling the folks at the #BETAwards showing up before she had to fly to London for a concert shows how much Bey loves BET and black people! SMH.

You still don’t think you own no one an explanation Tina Knowles? Instead of trying to shut sh*t down, I would advice you to start going into damage control so they beyhive don’t start saying your daughter told you to LIE, but you was too dumb to check her schedule before making that particular lie.

Tina Knowles BET Awards 2016

“Hello guys first let me say I just got a wind of the mess that has festered since last night ! The fact that I supposedly lied about my Daughters concert . First of all I did make a mistake on the city and the day .

I asked why did she have to leave early and was told by a member of her staff that “she had to get back in time for her concert ” and that she actually should have been there 2 days before, as the tour has been down for a month I assumed the date was Monday and the city was London well it turned out to be in the Uk but wrong city and on Tuesday.

I want to point out that there is a nine hour time difference and it is an eleven to 12 hour Flight that equates to 19 – 20 hrs to get there! I then want to ask what would be the point of lying to the public and knowing that anyone could see when the date was. Any one with good sence [sic] could see that !”

Tina Knowles wrote this to Beyonce’s fans. But she still not taking responsibility for the screw up.

I am hurt and disappointed because I know what kind of work, sacrifice , and personal Money it took for her to do this show and support the Bet Award show and to give her fans that did not get to attend the concert a piece of her show. (Even though it means she has one day to rehearse herself and dancers after being off for a month) That was really important to to her. Although everyone told her this is going to take a toll on your tour because you will only have one day to rehearse and you and the dancers will have been off for a month.

You will be exhausted because you get to the states on Thursday rehearse for Bet fly to Mexico to be with your Sister for her Birthday on Friday get back to La on Sunday and start rehearsals at Bet At 7 am . (Who else would get three hours of sleep like that? ) Book a huge private plane to carry your dancers and creative staff and choreographers road Managers and pay for it out of your own pocket. Who does that?

Then she has the nerve to tell us how her daughter uses her precious time and spent all that money out of her pocket to perform at the #BETAwards for free! SMH. What about the millions the beyhive put on Beyonce’s pockets? The millions you’re living off of?

Please understand that I absolutely am not doing this for anyone but my self ! I know I owe no explanation to anyone but I am tired of people writing my story. So I chose to tell my own ! Thanks for listening❤️continued on next post

She ended her so-called “It was a mistake” apology by insulting the beyhive even more…To the left, to the left….that’s where Beyonce mother, Tina Knowles need to go or the beyhive will soon make her.

Do you think Beyonce’s mother went wild on her own or Bey told her to lie before she left?